Tuesday, December 17, 2013

WebHostFace: the Best Webhost Anywhere

Merry Christmas to all the smiling faces at my new webhost, Webhostface.com!

I first learned of this excellent webhost from a strong desire to find a better company to deal with after I left my former host, tired of long waits, runarounds and incomplete answers.  When the last guy told me after I tried to ask a follow-up question, "Look, I have others waiting," I began seeking a new one with an RVSitebuilder editing/publishing tool--a must-have since Pagemonth was created and maintained by that system.

Webhostface uses RVSitebuilder as its main website creation, editing and publishing tool, but here the similarity to any other ends.

Webhostface is about two dozen highly-qualified, highly-motivated young people with superb internet knowledge and diversity, uncanny fluency in English and many other languages,, 24/7 worldwide toll-free 800 number or personal chat at no charge whatsoever for the first month, then a very reasonable annual fee,personal warmth, individual attention, genuine caring and unhurried assistance.

There is no way I can list all of their friendly support and advantages here. You can get to know them better on Facebook at webhostface, or call 1-866-389-6676, or go to and explore http://webhostface.com anytime.

And check this out: http://webhostface.com/staff?opid=16. Who is the lovely lady in the picture? That's Rali, opid=16 and short for Ralitsa Mincheva. In fact, everyone has his or her smiling face pictured on a staff opid number. Inna=6. Victor=14. Silvia=10, and so on.. But not only can you see the person you're chatting with, you can learn their age, skills and expertise, likes and dislikes, education and majors, and how other staffers describe her or him. And be sure to meet Valentin Sharlanoff, opid=1. He founded Webhostface and remains its CEO, yet even he gets the same write-up, picture, and treatment as all the others.

When I first called, Rali picked up on the second ring. She's the Billing Manager, but she didn't immediately pass me off to another department. She explained everything I asked about, and spent about twenty minutes helping me navigate my signup for a free month's trial and login procedure. Since her shift was ending she connected me to Silvia, a Senior Sales Rep whom I later learned normally serves in chat, not phone. I have since phoned with Inna, another senior sales rep, Victor, a Support Team member, Ivo, another Senior Sales Rep. Radoslav ("Rado") and several others. None of them hurried me in any way as I sought to follow their step-by-step instructions. Name another webhost like that!

They work together seamlessly and cooperatively, all of them. And they do what they say they will do to solve my issues and do not give up on any of them until I report it solved. One can use a support ticket, but it's not usually needed due to the informative, patient personal conversation and chat. Name another webhost like that!

Christina (=4) answered my call a few days ago when I had a question about what I saw after login. Wherever I moved my mouse, tiny white circles fell and swirled through the illustrations then gathered at the page bottom. "It looks like it's snowing," I said. "Yes, that's snow." she said. "I can turn it off if you like."

Rado (=9) taught me that I don't even need to log in to manage/edit/publish my website, thus saving me many hours of logins and navigation.  He showed me two ways to do it. And he stuck with me while I did it. He also taught me to use Firefox or Chrome for most tasks, not Explorer, which often presented errors. Thank you, Radoslav!

Silvia has helped me through many chats, brief and long, and she's never left me guessing about how to follow through. Thank you, Silvija!

As you may have guessed from a few names above, Webhostface is a Bulgarian company, located in Plovdiv. But despite its location it has other locations worldwide. In the 1980's and 1990's when the technological revolution was taking place in nearby countries, its youth grew up learning many languages and cultures and stressing electronic communications, marketing, business and finance.

You cannot tell from phone cslls or chats alone, but this happy group is extremely versatile and fun-loving. Their motto is "Service always comes with a smiling face," and they actually live up to it!  Others would do well to emulate them. They have told me more than once when I've contacted them and feared I was wearing out my welcome, "Nelson, we consider you to be one of us." I could not conceive of a higher compliment. Merry Christmas, friends, and have a joyous New Year.

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