Sunday, June 29, 2014

This July 4 Declare Your Financial Independence

Independence Day is fast approaching, and this year’s July 4 is a great time to declare your financial independence by taking control of your money! Pagemonth Budget is ready, willing, and able to help. We are again offering all of our budget and template spreadsheets absolutely free.

Go to the bottom of our homepage, instantly download our free budget in the Excel or Works version you prefer, grab a template in that version as well, and you can begin taking charge of your finances in minutes, for no cost whatsoever and at absolutely no risk.

How can we afford to give our products away? We rely solely on revenue from financially relevant product and service ads that Google places on our pages and pays us a few cents when visitors click on them. We also accept donations through Paypal and major credit cards.

So our revenue is 100% ad and donation based. It costs users nothing, and depends solely on the number of visitors to our website to download our free products.

We want to help you become financially independent, and we know our spreadsheets can help. If they help you, spread the word so we can remain free for everyone.

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